Tuesday, 6 October 2009

License To Ill


Go on have a guess waht was the commute album today from the good town of Stafford, to the London Village. Yes, yes you are right it was the Beastie Boys debut, Licensed to Ill.
They do a lot of illing on this album, be it flaunting their license, or alerting people that the time is time to get ill. I had best aquant myself with the vernacular.....it appears that its either a malady, or a river in Alsace, that really doesn't sound correct, a little more digging...ah it seems ill means "off da hook".
This album is off da hook though, it is most def also, its a debut that displays across its bows their very best tracks. The best tracks before they got all serious about the ladies, the days when "MCA's in the back skeezin with a whore". Again I don't know what skeezin is, so again its off to urban dictionary....oh my!
MCA was a bit of a scoundrel and his friends at the time, AD-Rock and Mike D, were no better and this is the album that chronicles their pre saving tibetan monks days when they drank bud, had dust smoking managers and had ladies in cages on stage with them. They were fun then.
Musically though, this album really is off da hook, I found that I loved it as much as I did when I was skeezin whores, smoking blunts and rocking the mic when I was studying for my o'levels. Crazy times.
7 out of 10.

Time To Get Ill by Beastie Boys

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