Thursday, 8 October 2009


Have you seen that website where they offer money for your old cd's, dvd's and pc games? It's called You tap in the barcode of whatever it is you want to flog, they tell you how much they'll give you, and then if you agree to their price they send you some freepost packet and you send off your unloved copy of that Sting album your Nan gave you in '94. Lord knows how they calculate how much things are worth. As a bit of an experiment I found out they would only give me 66p for The Black Crowes Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, which is very hard on the Crowes with what is surely their finest most complete offering.

The barcode Fagin calc told me my copy of Andy White's Rave On didn't really exist (Reality Row, track 3, super) but would give me 1.79 English pounds for The Who's 2006 Endless Wire. Even with the bonus DVD I'd say that was 1.78 too generous. So far, the most generous offer has been a whopping 2.06 for Elvis's Sun Sessions. I'm sure he'd be proud. Irish folkie Sean Tyrell's The Orchard far outweighs The Crowes paltry 66p with a bemusing 1.49 (now really, have you heard of him?) but The Umo Jazz Orchestra's Sauna Palaa!, given to me by a very nice lady in The Finnish Embassy here in Chile, does not get recognised. They should team up with Andy White for a protest song.
The winners and the losers .......................... kicked off by some 80's Finn swing. Hmmmmm.

Andy White, Reality Row

Sean Tyrell

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