Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ten Steps from Flowered Up to Ian Brown

I read this morning that Liam Maher, the singer from Flowered Up, those 90's baggy merchants, had died. This set me on an odd ten step journey from the Heavenly Flowered Up to Ian Brown, via Republica, Saffron, The One and Only, The Tremeloes, Alisha's Attic, Karen Poole, Groove Armada, Tom Findlay, the actor Timothy Hutton, and finally to Ian Brown. There's a certain 'baggy' beginning and end. It's a bit like Ted Rodgers in ITV's 3-2-1 but here goes;
Tim Dorney went on from Flowered Up to form Republica, who had that singer called Saffron. She appeared in the video for Chesney Hawkes One and Only. Chesney's dad is no other than Len Hawkes of The Tremeloes. Also in The Tremeloes was a certain Brian Poole. He had two daughters who went on to become Alisha's Attic, one of them being Karen Poole. Post Alisha's Attic she wrote lots of songs for lots for different artists, one of them being Groove Armada. Groove Armada's Tom Findlay also makes music as Sugardaddy with actor Timothy Hutton, and, believe it or not, a Tim Hutton song, Time is My Everything, was recorded by Ian Brown and a hit in 2005.
Dusty Bin?

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  1. I was not a fan of Flowered Up, they were a lord lub a duck cockernee version of The Happy Mondays, and I didnt like the Manchester version, an untimely death is a sad thing and I obviously do not wish that on anyone, Flowered Up, an appalling band. Ian Brown on the other hand, even worse.
    God I am a miserable swine aren't I.
    One final Flowered up point, a certain man that we used to work with than none was more metal used to love Weekender.