Wednesday, 7 October 2009


It's unfortunate that if I respond to something my co-blogging friend Peter has written, my response appears higher up the page. So, if anyone does actually read this stuff, they get the response first, then the original post. We have noted in the past that even our wives don't read it, so I guess it's not a problem to dwell on.
I couldn't let Peter's mention of Delaware pass me by without raising the subject of the Delaware Destroyers, who are, of course, the co-horts of a certain George Thorogood. Now George's raucous, bar-room R n B blues is not for everyone, and his re-working of Bo Diddley's I'm a Man into Bad to the Bone is now so ubiquitous (think Terminator) that it's easy to overlook quite how good he can be. You'll find few who can do this as well as George and the Delaware Destroyers.

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  1. GT is another one I found through you and Niall.