Sunday, 20 September 2009

One Fierce Beer Coaster

The bonus disc for my commute to the Aston Villa match (2-0 lovely match, very entertaining) was the Bloodhound Gang album, One Fierce Beer Coaster.
This album predates the europop on Hooray for Boobies and tends to stick to out and out rock/rap.
In all honesty this is Bloodhoung Gang at their most intelligent yet their most peurile, they dont care and tell you as much on "Shut up".

Cause' I don't like you cause you're not like me
And I don't give a damn if you don't like me

This album inexplicably features Vanilla Ice on the track Boom, why I am unsure perhaps its to reiterate it's rock rap credentials, maybe.

What does enforce the rock rap credentials are it's nods to hip hop, in the mix are elements of mantronix, a cover of Run DMC's It's Tricky, elements of The Roof Is On Fire by Rock Master Scott and also the riff to Walk This Way.

Moving away from this you do get the excellent Fire Water Burn, a clever, funny, danceable song that will bring a smile if only for its Pixies nodding verse.

Yo yo this hard-core ghetto gangster image takes a lot of practice,
I'm not black like Barry White no I am white like Frank Black is,
So if man is five and the devil is six than that must make me seven,
This honkey's gone to heaven,
But if I go to hell then I hope I burn well.

For every nod to the Pixies though their is a nod to Duran Duran and on "Your Only Friends Are Make Believe" intentionally I suspect, Jimmy Pop seems to set the whole song to Hungry Like The Wolf. Unsure if that is ever a good thing.

Criticisms of this album is that its a fine line between funny, peurile and offensive and unfortunately although the songs are pretty damn good it isn't a million miles away from The Macc Lads, which is never a good thing. A lot of homophobia, a lot of rascism, a lot of stuff about disability and some very schoolboy stuff about women. Alarmingly for me though I can forgive and tolerate this as this is what you get and expect from The Bloodhound Gang. 7 out of 10.

Fire Water Burn by The Bloodhound Gang

(lots of swearing so not entirely suitable for work)

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