Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974

Hello David Bowie! That’s what I say in my head every time I read the words David Bowie, a lot of the time I say it out aloud. I blame the Flight of the Conchords for that. David Bowie’s The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974. It is his best era after all.
Listening to this album made me think that David Bowie is dun alf sound like his contemporaries, then it dawned on me maybe they sound like him? The period this album encapsulates saw Bowie release what is considered his most triumphant and great songs, there aint no Tin Machine on here. On the other hand though it seems that period between 69 and 74 was a very shallow time for the british popperatti as really Bowie sounds like The Stones, like Elton, like Bolan, like Iggy, or maybe they sound like him?
I think I came by this album as one of my 5 free albums after signing up with Britannia Music Club, I had this and a Weller album amongst other things, the Weller album could possibly have been donated to a Weller loving brother, time will tell.
It really is a case of it does what it says on the tin, it is the best of Bowie and although the dates are trying to narrow it down, its neither here nor there.
I think what is more telling, even though it is perfectly alright, at time of writing I am sat listening to Mariachi El Bronx’s album and not having another whizz through of Bowie. A friend of mine said that Bowie only produces a great track every five years, and that may be the case outside of 74, it may be a little generous outside of 74, but as it goes and if you want all the memorable hits, this is the album for you. 8 out of 10.

Sorrow by David Bowie

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