Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Millie Small

This morning I opened my email to find that my Dad had sent me a link, with no explanation, to a nice video of Enoch Powell. In fact, he sent me two Millie Small links, both of which brightened a rainy day in Santiago. Spring was supposed to start today, but it pissed it down instead. I am disgusted at having to get the fleece out again instead of the flip flops. What my Dad might not have realised, and nor did I until I read up on Mr Powell, was that following the oft-misquoted Rivers of Blood speech, he (Powell, not my Dad) made what came to be known as the Morecambe Budget speech, in which he advocated all sorts of free market nonsense. I like the idea of my Dad, who co-incidentally is from Morecambe, sending me links to a Jamaican born artist who now lives in the UK. It has a nice Up Yours Enoch conclusion, don't you think?

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