Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This whole listening to my CD albums in alphabetical order seemed a great idea a few months ago, the A’s weren’t that fallow and the variety meant that I never knew what was coming up. Now I am in the B’s and B’s is made up on the whole of a relatively low amount of artists, certainly as ratios, albums to artists go, there is little variety.
When I think of B’s I think of Billy Bragg and Belle and Sebastian, what I forgot to think of was Bjork. We have too much Bjork and all of it is my wifes. Every single album, every single single, every LP with the Sugarcubes, everything, its hers. I had Birthday by The Sugarcubes on 7” but in an effort to woo my wife I gave her that single, it worked by the way, she is easily bought. The first compilation my wife did for me she put a couple of Bjork tracks on a tape for me, she has since learned the rules of doubling up on tapes, but back then she put Aeroplane and Come To Me on a tape and as I wanted to do rude things with her I said that’s great, ace, thank you.
I hate Bjork, I find her difficult to listen to, tuneless, and purposefully odd. This shit sells is perhaps the Guðmundsdóttir mantra. Actually I do like one album, it isn’t this one though, this one is Homogenic, the 1997 album. This one didn’t pass the old grey whistle test, this one didn’t catch me absent mindedly tapping out a rhythm on the top of my gear stick, this one didn’t see my car accelerating and slowing down as my foot was tapping, this one had me glancing at the display on my CD player and thinking, Christ its only track 3.
Under my own set of loosely enforced rules I have to listen to the album once each way, and the thought of Homgenic soundtracking the journey home has me thinking that I may work over tonight.
Even the highlights were low, Bachelorette, All is full of love, really really really bad. Is it the worst Bjork album, I fear not, I fear that will go to one that I know remains unplayed in a cellophane wrapper that may tip me over the edge. So with that in mind Homogenic. 1 out of 10. Why 1? I haven’t got the first clue other than I predict an album will be worse than this so I have to allow something lower than this.

All Is Full Of Love by Bjork

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  1. Doubling up on a comp? And you married her?

    When I first moved to London, in 98 I think, I was living in a room in Battersea and listening to Bjork quite a lot. One night a car ram raided the tailors in the row of shops below my room. The noise it made went quite well with the cd. When I looked out the window there were two men with helmets coming out of the shop. It looked like a video. I moved to Golders Green not long after, and lived above a video shop that used to play the Pulp Fiction soundtrack every bloody day.