Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Billy Talent II

I have had an extended break after the Bank Holiday so it is only today that my commute has recommenced. The thing with the mixing of the CD collections with my wife is that where we have very different tastes it can be a journey that I don’t particularly look forward to, some times it produces gold though in the Frank Black CD, todays CD is Billy Talent’s second album, Billy Talent II (their first album was Billy Talent, and their soon to be released third album is Billy Talent III). My wife adores Billy Talent, they are easily in her top 5 all time bands if not her number 1. For me they are just that noisy band that she used to play loud in her car when she picked me up.
They have this uncanny knack for planning live dates when we are on holiday, this year we are in Greece when they play the UK, last year we were and the year before that, so we ended up trekking down to Cardiff to see them the day before we were due to fly, it was a long day.
Anyway, the album, I always though of Billy Talent as rather 1 dimensional, I understand that description to the uninitiated could be applied to NOFX or Pixies, to the uninitiated. Billy Talent appear to have that 20 something angst, and quite humourless, this was confirmed on this album, on their debut the singer seemed rather bitter, and it still seems to be the case. However this album wasn’t anywhere as near as bad as I was expecting and it was a pleasant soundtrack all in all, its not something that I want to go back to but the songs were OK, as modern punk goes, its good, enjoyable, but not revisitable. 6 out of 10

Red Flag by Billy Talent

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