Wednesday, 20 May 2009

About A Boy

Badly Drawn Boy today, his original soundtrack to the film About A Boy. The film is based on a Nick Hornby book, when me and Kev worked at a certain music megastore Hornbys High Fidelity book was passed about a lot. Kev owned the copy and there was a waiting list for it. After finishing it, in something like 3 lunch times I bought my own copy and reread it, and my well thumbed edition has been around a few people too. But this isn’t the soundtrack to High Fidelity, this is the soundtrack to About A Boy.
I like Badly Drawn Boy, actually I need to clarify that, I like Badly Drawn Boy on record, I saw Badly Drawn Boy live in 2000 and after the Happy Mondays, the worst gig I have been to. Diabolical.
So the CD, as soundtracks go it isn’t The Harder They Come but it is pretty good, its enjoyable, its not a great but it makes a pleasant car journey and if anything I didn’t particularly want it to end. I guess that’s a good indication of its quality. At times and a thing that he does, it does shift to noodley bollocks and that 70’s sitcom theme tune style that he pops on to albums, but give him a guitar and a piece of paper and he does come up with some beautiful songs, Silent Sigh was the lead single from this if I recall without the aid of Wikipedia, and also Something to talk about and in my opinion those are as good as anything from The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast. 7 out of 10.

Silent sigh by Badly Drawn Boy

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  1. In one song he sings the words 'ipso facto', which is the only time I've ever heard those words in a pop tune.

    Wasn't High Fidelity based on Reckless Records on Upper Street in Islington? It certainly wasn't based on Virgin Telford, and what's yer top ten buscuits, was it?