Wednesday, 24 March 2010

This is the End, Beautiful Friend (not really)

So, the good ship I Taught Myself How to Grow Old has hit a sand bank, run adrift, been caught in choppy waters (not sure how much longer I can keep this up) or possibly been re-assigned to do the Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire run. A bit like the Titanic orchestra we're going to keep playing till, er, well, till we stop. Co-blogger Peter, who has kept the whole thing afloat for quite a while has succumbed to, in his words, a 'fickle mistress'. He might mean his allotment but then again he might mean a fickle mistress, or possibly one on the other. So, the call for help went out yesterday ............

Dear All,
As you might know I co-contribute to a Music blog (with a chap called Peter) I Taught Myself How to Grow Old. It's amateurish, lacks focus and even our wives don't read it. Somewhat surprisingly we have a dedicated following of 6 and our latest viewing figures tell us that we get about 700 hits a month. This sometimes goes up if we are very topical (and could go up more if we were tropical).

Anyway, due to a combination of factors related to ageing in-laws, allotments, new jobs, football fixtures, earthquake damage and 18 month-olds (not in that order) Peter and I are a bit pressed for time. We are opening up the doors for guest writers and regular contributors.

Now, on the face of it this might not interest you, as you have a taxing job, kids, 2 dogs, hobbies, a life. But how much richer would your life be if you were able to free that frustrated writer buried deep down in your pile of ironing? The occasional scribble is very therapeutic, gives you an excuse to listen to music and gets you out of the washing up/walking the dog/making the bed/talking to your long-term partner - "I've just got to finish this piece for the website luv ...........deadline ......six readers you know"

Why not have a bash? What have you got to lose? Want to try? We only have one rule which is no Queen. Apart from that the music has been pretty varied. Have a look for yourself.
Go on, have a go!

Who could resist? Well, as it turns out, most people. I had two replies, one from my Dad and one from Diamond Davey O, King of Wellington, market legend, bass player supreme, all-round good egg. Dave said
Kev, I was with you all the way till you said 'no queen'.

> I was particulary interested in writing an article on queen and

> artists who have written songs about the band.

> I was thinking along the lines of 'Hair like Brian May blues' by Half

> Man Half Biscuit

> Oh well some things are clearly not meant to be.

> Dave

So, in order to accommodate Dave's request we have backtracked on the NO Queen rule and opened the floodgates. Sadly I couldn't find a video for the song, although I am happy to replace May's hair with Davies' eyes. I hope this will do. Surprisingly it is the first time we have featured the Birkenhead Biscuits.
This one's for Dave.

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