Monday, 8 March 2010

Devised Without A Plan

Monday morning and a new CD for my journey between Stafford and Birmingham. Today it was the turn of US punk band, Covington and their 2005 CD Devised Without A Plan.
I don’t know anything about this band and couldn’t recall the title so it took 5 minutes of searching to try and find this out. I came by the CD as I had ordered a Punktastic compilation and Paul the guy at Punktastic put this in with the CD. Was it good of him?
Well if Good Riddance and Jawbox are your kind of thing then this would be very good of him as that is where Covington take their lead from. Jawbox I can take or leave but Good Riddance always made me smile. Covington take the shoutier elements of Good Riddances sound and kind of produce their own thing. Its not to say this is original but as 3 piece punk outfits go, it’s better than most.
The downside is that its a speedy 8 tracks long and I could have done with a little more to form a more solid opinion. 8 tracks and I think its pretty good, 10 tracks and it could be excellent or not so good. Either way I think I need to look further into Covington and see if they contributed anything else to this world or if they have long since faded. 6 out of 10.
No video seems to exist for Covington on Youtube so you cant sample them.

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