Sunday, 7 March 2010

Alec Ounsworth Demos

Fridays commute CD was a CD of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah demoes, downloaded from Alec Ounsworths Flash Python site a few years back. These demos were also the ones that were suggested to me and in the end made me fall in love with the band.
The unfortunate thing with these tracks is that I dont know what they are called, well some of them I don't, and I don't think they are available to download anymore, so it may be a bit pointless doing this review, that said, I did listen to it and I do have an opinion on it.

The tracks that made up a portion of their debut are of course fantastic, that album was a ten out of ten for me and rightly so, and these tracks, Over and Over Again, Details Of The War ( a radically different version, but still amazing), Is This Love and In This Home On Ice are perhaps the best on that album, you could see from those why I would want to investigate the band more.

Outside of those tracks, a solo version, just Alec, a guitar and a drum machine and synth, of Underwater that appeared on Some Loud Thunder, I loved that track for so long and it was the stand out track on the bands second album.

The other tracks I don't think appear anywhere else, either on the Alec Ounsworth solo album, Mo Beauty or on the Flashy Python album, Skin and Bones. Thats a pity that some of these songs may never see the light of day, notably Cecil Stick With The Story, a favourite of mine that deserves a release in its own right and not some obscure MP3 passed around fans.

All in all though this collection is a joy, enjoyable and played multiple times in the Staffordshire sun. 8 out of 10.

Dee oh Dee by Alec Ounsworth

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