Tuesday, 2 March 2010

See Through This And Leave

Its light in the mornings these days, which is pleasant, there was a light frost and a bright sun, heading through Shugborough it was difficult not to slow down and take it all in. Actually the reason for slowing down was due to some bloody lorry driver crawling along at 25 miles per hour taking in natures glory, either that or captivated by the hilarity of Chris Moyles.
I digress. My musical accompaniment wasn’t the hapless lard boy, the money grabbing leech that head BBC honcho would rather have polluting the airwaves over 6 Music. No it wasn’t him, it was The Cooper Temple Clause and their debut album See Through This And Leave.
I am not in a mood because of the feckless Phil Dowd, this is my wifes CD, I despaired when I bought her this and the follow up for Christmas, but it was an easy win, a band she liked 2 cd’s out = 2 gifts. Phil Dowd, he is off my Christmas list though.
OK so what of this? It is a shocking pile of manure that has no equal. Its quite perplexing how this pitiful weak pub band got signed in the first place, let alone keep up the charade for 3 albums.
They take all of the worst aspects of band I detest and roll them into a dung infested musical meringue. Oasis, Kasabian, Muse. Appalling stuff.
Maybe if there was a tune there it would have made all the difference and would have lightened my mood a little to the point that I wouldn’t have given the finger to the driver of a Merc near Rugeley Power Station, but no this tuneless dirge meant that a frown was ever present and the only thing again stopping me lobbing it out of a window was the knowledge it is my wifes CD and I want my tea tonight, it may not be forthcoming if I said “Dear, your Cooper Temple Clause CD is currently rolling down a hill between Rugeley and Lichfield can I have 5 fishfingers please.”
As it stands, it’s the worst C so far. Tuneless, noodly, lad rock, derivative, bad vocals, bad playing. Awful. See Through This And Leave 0 out of 10.

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