Thursday, 25 March 2010

Alex Chilton

According to Alan McGee, who is a bit of a tit at times but seems to be reasonably well intentioned, the songwriting partnership of Big Star's Alex Chilton and Chris Bell was 'as iconic as that of Lennon and McCartney'. That's quite a statement (until you remember 'It's for You' sung by Cilla Black). Alex Chilton died earlier this month at the age of 59. During those 59 years he managed to be a teen star (with the Box Tops), heroin addict, be a member of the highly influential Big Star, punk icon, a tree-trimmer and a washer -upper. Writing about his death the BBC called him 'Rock's Unsung Hero' and went on to quote Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream with saying 'September Gurls is an incredible single. It's as good as The Byrds or The Beatles' (The Bangles covered it also).

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