Monday, 1 February 2010

Tres Hombres & a Ford Fiesta in a Snow Bank

I fear for my co-blogger's health. It's been over a week since we heard from him and I have mental images of a Ford Fiesta being stuck in a hard-to-spot-from-the-road snow bank, somewhere in the west midlands. Peter, having been stuck in his car for days, wrapped in pages of the Birmingham A-Z for warmth (Villa ground marked in yellow highlighter and the Bull Ring fashioned into a hat) has eaten his way through part of his leather steering wheel cover and has been tapping out John Bonham rhythms on the glass in an effort to attract attention. Let's hope Peter is home soon.

Have you seen that sitcom Two and a Half Men? Just the other day daft loser brother Alan said ".........VH1, or whatever the kids are watching these days......" and I thought 'I really should have a look at VH1, it is probably aimed at 40 something couch spuds like me. And, it did come to pass that I did look at it, and it was rubbish. The only thing I could just about stomach was 15 minutes of ZZ Top on a show called Storytellers. I guess to most people ZZ Top are ZZ Who? these days, although they first started touring in 1970, and have had the same line-up since day one. Their massive success in the early 80's came with their 8th or 9th album, which you wouldn't see these days. When you look at this clip from 1980 it's hard to believe they went on to be such stars of the MTV generation, or whatever the kids were watching in those days .........

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