Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unthank You Very Much

It seems that Peter, my prolific co-blogger has gone awol, or possibly doo-lally, or maybe even down the garden with the pixies (in the spare bedroom with the Pixies 1st album is probably more likely). The last time he went this quiet was when he got a 3 week job on an oilrig filling up the vending machines. It could well be that as we speak he is being hoisted somewhere above the freezing north sea, clutching a box of kit-kats.

I'm on the path to knowledge today, with a new word - 'Unthank'. Imagine a friend gives you a gift, lets say a plant. You thank your friend for said plant. Three days later the plant has attracted a swarm of deadly insects that have invaded your home and killed the cat. You might wish to 'unthank' your friend for the plant.

Before becoming The Unthanks, and I have no idea how grateful they are when receiving gifts (they did win Folk album of the year once and were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2008) this outfit were known as Rachel Unthank and The Winterset. It rather put me off that when I looked 'em up on 'net there were Paul Morley quotes everywhere on them (him of 'a right dick' fame), but I persevered and found them to be everything that Morley appears not to be - talented, understated, engaging, enigmatic, and so on.

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