Monday, 15 February 2010

Jane Doe Review

My commute CD album trek has took a bit of a rest, for many reasons, but today it started back up with a vengeance. In case you don’t know I am listening to all of my CD albums in turn, alphabetically and then I review them here.
The reason why I have had a month off from this is I needed a break from my own CD’s, I needed to catch up on a few podcasts, work was getting busy and primarily I am a coward.
Today’s CD was the 2001 album, Jane Doe by Converge, a Massachusetts hardcore/metal band, and to be frank it is potentially the worst album you will ever hear. Ever hear if you are stupid enough to hand over your money for it.

I was.

It’s absolutely dire and I really can’t think of any reason why I would buy it, and it was bought, believe me, from my own pocket money was spent, not downloaded illegally, or a copy from a friend, this is a bona fide purchased album.

So what does it sound like, it sounds like all of the scary thoughts I had as a child, chopped up, scrambled, screamed over and put back into my head via nail gun. If you had an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of monkeys, with instruments, this cacophony would be the very first thing they produced. It would then be discarded in the hope of something that resembled a tune.

It’s that post hardcore sound that I maybe liked during the early 2000’s, that can be the only excuse, but whereas acts like Poison The Well and Cave In had some tunes and tried to inject a little melody, these guys can’t even do that.

So the cowardice? I saw this CD was next, I kind of guessed how I would feel about it and for a month I went into the spare room, sometimes I got to the spine of the CD, but for a month I shook my head, I knew it was the musical version of the film Anguish and I was in no mood to listen to it. It is done now and I am sure nought but fluffiness and jollity are ahead. So Converge, Jane Doe. Jane Doh! More like 0 out of 10.

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