Friday, 18 December 2009

Let’s Get Out Of This Country

Imagine a Cashless society? Nah nor me, but it wasn’t Johnny Cash today soundtracking my commute, it was Camera Obscura. Scottish indie band of note.
Years ago I heard Eighties Fan by Camera Obscura, its pounding Motown drums reminded me of Hefner’s Antony Harding drumming and Eighties Fan being a splendid single I purchased the 7” and the album that single came from. Forward wind a few years and my wife buys me a desk calendar that recommends an MP3 a day, and one of those MP3’s was a Camera Obscura single, Hey Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken, the single from Camera Obscura’s third album, Let’s Get Out Of This Country, that’s todays album, an album that has been played more than just about anything else that’s not released by Hefner, Tenacious D or NOFX. I like this album, a lot.
Camera Obscura are a Scottish band led by Traceyanne Campbell, with this album they released an album consisting of ten of the finest songs from north of the border and perhaps ten of the finest songs full stop. Breathtaking at times, unusual, odd, uncomfortable, but always beautiful. They mix those Motown drums with atmospheric vocals and a sad tone, but literally and lyrically.
This album slowly made its way from being good, to very good to even now one of my very favourite albums. Country Mile appeared on a Tesco ad, but you cant hold that against it, it’s a very good song and I immediately wanted to buy some reasonably priced clothes after seeing the ad. They also do a song about Andre Previns ex wife, Dory Previn, as yet no urge to buy reasonably priced clothes.
Anyway, Let’s Get Out Of This Country, a stunning album, one of the best, 10 out of 10.

Country Mile by Camera Obscura

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