Thursday, 17 December 2009

Johnny Cash American Legend

Another brief one I am afraid, Christmas and all that has meant that if I am not listening to a CD on my commute I am either wrapping presents, roasting chestnuts (on an open fire), cursing the long hairs on the MTV or wondering when I am going to do the big shop. Its these things that limit the time that I can wax about the commute CD.
The Johnny Cash fortnight, for you at least mercifully draws to a close. Its been rather marvellous for me, as well as todays discs I know I have almost the same boxset coming up in a week or two, if it is the same content I may skip it, we will see. Also by the stereo I have further Cash discs that will turn up in a year or two when I have completed the upstairs CD’s.
So to todays disc, it’s a 3 disc boxset, Johnny Cash American Legend. A £3 boxset licensed from Charly and released by a German company. Its is in its essence, the Sun recordings with some live tracks thrown in for good measure.
The Sun recordings are as to be expected, excellent in every possible way. The live tracks are possibly why I bought this, live versions of Jackson, Orange Blossom Special and in particular the fantastic If I Were A Carpenter, featuring June Carter Cash. As time goes on I wonder if I should try and but Junes solo output, at the moment I have all of Johnnys on MP3, some on vinyl but slowly I am buying it all on CD, Santa I suspect will get the next one or two on my wishlist, but I think I really need to hear what June could do as a solo singer, what a voice.
I said it would be brief and I am afraid it is, very brief. This boxset is a gem, a real find, I think I have the complete Sun Recordings and I will give more detail when that gets played, in the meantime, as ever Johnny Cash American Legend 10 out of 10.

If I Were A Carpenter by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Edit. 9th January 2010. I had the other boxset yesterday, it was the same one all told, its still a ten though.

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