Saturday, 21 February 2009

Duffy - This Note's for You

Duffy, who I quite like, has fallen into bed with Coca Cola. She had the best selling album in the UK last year, and has 'broken' the U.S., so she can't be short of a few bob. Now, it's up to her to make a few quid while she can, and it's not like she's advertising guns, or supporting the Tories, but you'd think she could come up with something better that fizzy pop. Should it make her less of an artist? Probably not, music is a selling game, but Coke? Really? You couldn't think of anything better?

Duffy, This Note's For You by Neil Young

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  1. I am quite a shallow man, I base my liking of pop stars plainly and simply on their looks, it’s a scale that I call the Girls Aloud scale, Cheryl being the very best, down to a Nicola at the worst, just above Nicola you Kimberly, then Nadine and then Sarah. Female popstars are measured by The Girls Aloud scale, see you may have someone like Gwen Stefani who measures a Sarah on the Girls aloud Scale, whereas perhaps the dark haired one out of S Club 7 might measure a Kimberly on the GAS. Now Duffy, moose faced sub Springfield singer rates sub Nicola on the GAS, and is positioned mid table on the Girls Aloud’s Roadies scale. I think you may be pushed to find anyone with a more offensive face in pop, not counting Rihanna.
    This is all neither here nor there though, the first song I ever heard by Neil Young was This Note’s For You, so I was around 17, that’s really late isn’t it. I think he was predicting the apocalypse with that and possibly may have had his head in his hands sobbing and saying Iggy, Iggy, what have you done!