Monday, 9 February 2009

The Grammys 2009

This is what I learned from watching the Grammys 2009......

Carrie Underwood is Bonnie Tyler re-incarnated.

Coldplay dress like forgotten 80's never-rans.

The Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock indeed.

Whitney Houston is still alive, although she looks like she's been taking lifestyle advice from Shane McGowan.

The Rock should do less push ups and more stand up.

Kid Rock may well be a Rock & Roll Jesus but I've seen him on the bus selling ice-creams.

Kanye West, the guy that sang Ghostbusters wants his suit back.


  1. Here is what I learn from watching the Grammys 2009

    Mainstream music sucks more and more everyday , Who will come to the rescue is still unclear. Although Chumbawamba are currently in the Studio. An early unmastered and not properly mixed leaked song hit the streets, something called "toemumbling" and involving a Vodka drink in the Chorus.

    The performance by BB King , John Mayer and some other people who I do not recall was alright.

    That the next Day Kevin T was so so sleepy that .shhhhhhhh

  2. I don't mind Chumbawumba being in the studio - as long as they stay there.