Tuesday, 28 October 2008

What Is and What Should Never Be

There is much speculation at the moment on the likelihood of Led Zeppelin reforming and going out on tour. This has been exacerbated recently by John Paul Jones. Led Zeppelin, under that moniker played the O2 arena as a testimonial of sorts for Ahmet Ertegün, Atlantic records co- founder. The money raised by the O2 concert went towards an educational fund Ertegün left as a legacy following his death.

John Paul Jones, talented bass player, but always the whatsiface of Led Zeppelin recently appeared at guitar show in Exeter and gave the following information.

"As you probably know, Jimmy, Jason and I are actually rehearsing and we've had the odd singer come in and have a bash. As soon as we know — which we don't — we will let you know. But we really hope that something is going to happen soon because we really want to do it and we're having a lot of fun, actually, just rehearsing. Jason is actually tremendous... And what we've done so far sounds absolutely fantastic. When it does come, it will come, and you'll know about it."

"We really wanna do something and Robert doesn't want to do this, at least for the moment. I don't really know what his plans are. He really doesn't want to make loud music anymore. We do. I mean, I love acoustic music, but it doesn't stop me from turning something up."

So what does this tell us, Page and Plant Page and Jones, trotting out the hits, with the rock Zak Starkey and guest vocalists. I bristle at that thought, guest vocalists creates a visual that will be just awful.


I mean the rumoured "replacement" for Robert Plant, is a gentleman called Myles Kennedy, now Myles Kennedy will be unheard of to most people, he is an American singer in the rock band Alter Bridge, Alter Bridge do that shitty rock that Creed created the blueprint for, alas Creed didn't tear up the blueprint, they spawned Alter Bridge. To put it into context, you know when
Chris Cornell joined the non shouty part of Rage Against The Machine, or when Ian Astbury joined the non Père Lachaise residing part of The Doors, it was all well and good but it was really just the other members knocking out a Cleveland steamer on their own good name.

Obviously this rumour will be coming from the inner sanctum, perhaps Jimmy Page may have leaked this information, or maybe the young Bonham lad, alas no, no, not at all, the tasty morsel that some hoary long hair is going to be fronting the reinvented Coverdale:Page is Dee Snider. It seems that glam metallers are the leading source of music news, expect Gene Simmons to be spouting the latest AC/DC tour dates and Blackie Lawless reviewing the new Brtiney Spears album.

So to round up the facts then, 50 percent of Led Zeppelin are rehearsing, 20 percent of Twisted Sister says some American is going to be fronting it, likelihood of Robert Plant taking them to court if they bill themselves as Led Zeppelin, 100 percent.

eGigs for the quotes.

MuchMusic for the Dee Snider stuff.

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