Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hump(h) Day

A friend of mine once walked into the staffroom of the institute where I worked, and exclaimed loudly "Thank God it's hump day!" You would imagine that her boyfriend, an amiable Texan who was in the room at the time, might have been a smidge embarrassed. But no, Texan Tim didn't even look up from his book. I put this down to Texans having their embarrassment gene surgically removed at an early age, but what I later found out was that 'Hump' day is Wednesday, as it's the hump of the week - all down hill to the weekend.

With 'Hump Day' being a Canadian expression I could honour Wednesday with a bit of Alanis Morissette bashing, or possibly the theme from Due South. Alternatively, with Wednesday being a low point (stranded between weekends, see the Honourable P's post below this), I could opt for a Top 5 to lift your spirits, or in a saucy fashion, some songs either about humping or possibly to hump to. But, being the canny wordsmith I'd like to be but am not, I'm adding an 'h' on the end of Hump, to make Humph, and shall offer up a bit of Mr Lyttelton.

Humph only died in April of this year (2008), and I recently watched a BBC documentary on him. I've listened to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue for years, although never paid any attention to his music, as I'm not too much of a jazz fan. Of course, he went on to record with one of Peter's Satanic Pentalogy, Radiohead (see below for clues on the Radiohead creative process). It would appear that his music was every bit as good as his timing with 'Samantha' jokes.
Lady Madonna anyone?

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