Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Being a Huddie

It's nice to see that Tenacious Donohoe got the Led out for an inaugaral post. I've been almost rockless for months, whereas once I was addicted to the riff. A well placed strum seems to do it for me now (surely a line delivered at some point by Jim Dale in Carry On Put Your Foot on the Monitor).

If I was to decline commenting on a band because it's all been said before then this blog would be empty, so allow me to bring up the Page Plant performance of Gallows Pole, November 94 on Later. Those people who like to say that oldies like The Rolling Stones should pack it in are daft, as this performance by a couple of hoary old rockers goes to prove. Nobody ever told John Lee Hooker to put the guitar down, or told a composer to stop writing.

Leadbelly famously sang his way out of the joint. What would he have made of Nirvana's Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, The Animal's House of the Rising Sun, or The Ram Jam Band's Black Betty? When my Mrs sings along to Pick a Bale of Cotton she makes up her own words, which I wish I had on video, but I don't, so here's some Huddie Leadbetter.

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