Friday, 9 January 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun.

I have been resolutely anti music this year, that should read anti new music. Two bands that have sprung out at me though are Bon Iver who are playing The Breeders curated All Tomorrow’s Party’s and Fleet Foxes who appear to have the album of choice when it comes to best of year ends. I have physically heard neither and potentially that is the way it may stay.

Kev used Beach Boys comparisons when it comes to Fleet Foxes, now if I had a penny for every band that had been compared to The Beach boys, I would have a clichĂ© and a bag of pennies. Its always Beach Boys comparisons isn’t it, never Gidea Park, Gidea Park being The Beach Boys tribute act that have or indeed had a touring Beach Boy in their ranks, not Glen Campbell no, not even close, some other fella that I saw in Gidea Park during my Butlins years upwards of too many times, the same man was in a plethora of other falsetto tribute acts, Frankie Valli being one that I recall but not Aled Jones. I am skirting over his name as I can’t remember it, possibly something Ashton.

But The Beach Boys eh, are they really that influential or is that people equate lush vocals, non traditional rock instruments and harmonies with them? The Beach Boys have produced a lot of albums, and I mean a lot, but realistically that influential period can be boiled down to one or two albums, maybe three at a push.
The Wondermints took that whole influence a little far, they became The Beach Boys for the Smile concerts that Brian Wilson did, The Wondermints were victims of that lazy epithet, and clearly Wilson must have used the old adage that he could throw a sausage out of a window and hit a million bands that sound like the Beach Boys, unfortunately on that day Gidea Park were playing Butlins Minehead and not passing by Wilsons palatial Los Angeles house ducking sausages, unlike the Wondermints.
They say that Jesus and Marychain are influenced by The Beach Boys, similarly The Shins, Apples in Stereo and The Flaming Lips, hell some people have even said The Ramones, I guess Dee Dee did once look at a theremin and that seems to be all that is required to pin that badge on a band.

There needs to be ground rules, specific criteria that a group must meet prior to journalistic carte blanche being applied to an ensemble that says they are influenced by The Beach Boys.

1. One of the band members must have a sand pit.
2. One of the band members must have a large beard.
3. One of the albums must have the sound of a startled cats whining over side two.
4. Babababaaa are allowed, fafafafaa’s not so much
5. One album must be a concept album, preferably about daschunds linked to mans inhumanity to man.
6. At least one member must know what a sloop john b is.
7. Songs must be about girls, cars, surfing and weird shit.


  1. I heard The Fleet Foxes this morning on Terry Wogan, it was very good.

  2. I heard Bon Iver yesterday on Paul Gambacinni, it was also very good.