Saturday, 24 January 2009


Years ago, a friend of mine got sent a Jellyfish flexidisc, you know when you sent those little postcards to Leamington Spa to be kept up to date on the latest happenings in the world of Shed Seven, it appears that he must have done this and the people at Leamington Spa thought well if he likes Belouis Some, then he must like Jellyfish, so it came to be randomly one day he got sent a flexidisc, possibly of The King Is Half Undressed, possibly not.

I have a few flexidiscs from over the years, the most notable is adam and the Ants doing a version of YMCA, here is the funny thing though, its called ANTS and the words seem to encourage the listener to dye their hair green and put on a kilt. Its clumsy to say the least but its enjoyable hokum. I think it was free with flexidisc magazine, I can’t recall off hand.

Another flexidisc, and this one perhaps was free with select has Chris Morris of Brasseye fame doing a Pixies pastiche called Motherbanger, the rest of the disc sounds like a precursor to Jamm, or the day today, well a mix of the two. Motherbanger is uncannily accurate and if memory recalls there is also a U2 pastiche. The thinking mans Weird al Yankovic.


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