Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Non Carpenters Carpenters

A friend of mine actually made a request for a post, on the subject of The Carpenters. This is a first, and a landmark in the short, glorious, unknown and undiscovered history of I Taught Myself How to Grow Old. Unfortunately, having been driven to distraction by a workmate who used to play The Carpenters endlessly, I have been forced to expunge all things Karen and Richard from my already fogged up brain, although I do remember a good tribute album featuring a Sonic Youth cover of Superstar.

So, unable to provide even a half decent post on The Carpenters, I've made a stab at a Carpenters related post, as you will see.

First up, Bobby Davro, I mean Bobby Darin, making Tim Hardin's If I was a Carpenter famous (Carpenter! Wehey!).

Second batter up is the music from Halloween, composed by John Carpenter. He didn't just write it and direct it you know.

And finally, in this non Carpenters Carpenters list is House Carpenter's Daughter by Natalie Merchant, who appears to have changed her name to 'Ex Ten Thousand Maniac Natalie Merchant'. She released an album of traditional folk songs in 2003, and this was one of them. Is it possible that the carpenter's daughter went to school with the blower's daughter, in some special performing arts school for tradesmen's offspring?

And that concludes my knowledge of Carpentry in music.

House Carpenter's Daughter by Natalie Merchant

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, if you still remember the Sonic Youth cover you must oblige yourself to forget it immediately, lots of unnecessary sorrow in there.
    And what is with the pun-intended with N. Merchant, Does she deserve that? you know "everybody does want candy and joy"