Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Prodogal Returns

If you access this site via RSS, and who doesn’t you may have seen a number of older posts drop in today. Soz, I was merely pruning the spam we have been subject to. Its like some sort of obtrusive weed, unless you get rid of it all, it attracts others.

Derek Sivers aside I have been extremely quiet of late, the commute went from car to train and instead of CD’s I have been catching up on my literature, if you call a disappointing Mark Radcliffe book literature. Seriously, avoid Northern Sky, as much as I love the man, its a stinker.

The inability to get beyond The Drums and The XX albums has meant little other music has permeated my universe, but blimey what fine fine albums they are. A friend asked me to don't believe the hype with regards The Drums, its difficult when it’s so solid.

I will make more attempts as the year wears on to contribute more and possibly even get back to listening to the remainder of my CD collection, the avoidance of Dylan and the live album procured for me one Christmas is looking less and less likely.

The Prodigal Returns by Byrdie Green.

Byrdie Green was Dhar Braxtons mum, she was also a vocalist of extraordinary quality, actually that might be over egging the pudding. She was pretty good as blues tinged soul gospel vocalists go. The track above is from 1968, and I think it must be Johnny Hammond on organ, Byrdie Green gave it all up to raise her two daughters, the aforementioned Dhar Braxton wento on to have the odd hit in her own name before Byrdie returned to performing later in life.
Sadly Byrdie Green died in 2008 following a bout of emphysema.

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